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The past decade has seen flourishing innovations in financial technology. Among them, blockchain, “the new internet”, is the foremost to reshape many industrial sectors, including financial services, and the society in general. The acceleration of advance brings about an explosive growth of innovative technologies, numerous emerging startups, and widespread applications to banking, IOT, supply chains, etc. It is now the best of times of financial technology, at the age of data science and the epoch of AI.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from the Foga Technology, the founding of this lab marks the vision and mission of the combined forces from the members to the advisors of the Lab. In HKUST, the hub of technological advance in Hong Kong, we strive to coordinate the research strengths in the academia of HKUST and the industry, to make concentrated research efforts, to explore the unchartered waters of cutting edge financial technology, in the hope of benefiting the society of Hong Kong, the greater China and the mankind.

Nothing great comes easy, and nothing easy can ever equate to greatness. Hurdles and difficulties are inevitable cousins of success. At the time of the establishment of this lab, around the new year of 2019, the crypto market is experiencing a major recession, taken by many as signs of fading irrational enthusiasm. Yet, the innovative technologies, regardless of the ephemeral market, will continue to blossom. And our unending chase to the new horizon of technology will never falter.

Crypto-FinTech Lab



15/06/2021 - 01/08/2021

HKUST Summer Stacks Program

The Summer Stacks Program is an 8 week summer course for students to know about blockchain, learn and write Clarity smart contracts and achieve an NFT project. It's taught by the founder of Daemon Technologies and early Stacks team member, Mr. Xan Ditkoff.

On-going Projects

01/06/2021 -

Project Degis

Project Degis is an on-chain decentralized insurance platform. It aims to provide better insurance products as well as provide an innovative solution to the business process of insurance selling via blockchain technology.

01/09/2020 -

Project Xtrategy

Xtrategy is a platform for researchers, traders, and investors. We create, collect, and display all variety of strategies' real-time trading performance, equip users with winning weapons.

01/09/2020 -

Project Robo-advisor

This project aims to help users to find the optimal and suitable DeFi portfolio. We analysis historical transaction data and use KYC PLUS to match the actuarially calculated portfolio with corresponding risk level.


As the pioneer in blockchain world, HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab provides a whole process of education and training. The Lab not only emphasize on student's data analysis skills, but also teach them about blockchain Fintech related knowledge. Afterwards, students will form several groups for case studying and group projects. They will even receive internship opportunities recommended by the Lab. Finally, they will be entering the Crypto World as leaders of a new generation.


Prof. WANG Yang

Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Founder of HKUST CryptoFintech Lab. Associate Director of HKUST Big Data Institute. Director of HKUST Big Data and Bio-Intelligence Lab.

Prof. CHEN Kani

Department of Mathematics(Director). Fellow of Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Director of Crypto-Fintech Lab and MSc Financial Mathematics.

Prof. ZHANG Jiheng

Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics. Associate director of HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab.

Advisory Board


Dongfeng Wang

Director, Foga Tech Limited   

Bo Shen

Senior Crypto-investors   

Yimin Yang

Senior Crypto-investors   

Youyi Chen

Senior Crypto-investors   

Jun Zhang

Senior Crypto-investors   

Jun Wang

Senior Crypto-investors   

Zhibin Lei

Adjunct Professor   


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