Jasmine Project

        Jasmine Project is an open source platform aiming to develop next generation distributed file system based on blockchain and distributed computing technologies. As distributed ledger technologies such as bitcoin and Ethereum revolutionize the crypto fintech space, emerging de-fi market sees unprecedented opportunities for leveraging landscape-changing technologies such as blockchain, AI, big data, next generation networking, and crypto assets. Privacy preserving data processing, distributed intelligence, consensus mechanism, and defi economy all call for a common infrastructure – a distributed, efficient, reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure over current best-effort age-old Internet.

        The distributed file system is the common infrastructure Jasmin Project aims to develop over the current Internet and next generation platform. Its purpose is to build a common and inter-operable platform to support emerging distributed storage system such as FileCoin/IPFS as well as existing public and private cloud infrastructure. Jasmine Project will support cross-layer development, supporting distributed networking, storage, computation, consensus, as well as enabling a range of ToB and ToC applications.

De-fi Application Development (I)

  • Students with some knowledge of the traditional financial services such as insurance, payment system, wealth management, derivatives, and/or FinTech.
  • Students should have a strong mathematics/statistics background to build the underlying financial model of the selected financial service.
  • DeFi relies heavily on cryptography, blockchain, and smart contracts.
  • Students should have solid knowledge and experience in programming, frontend and backend application development, and software testing.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graph, and Cognitive AI is definitely a plus for building a more sophisticated application.

Blockchain Technology Development (II)

  • Hands-on experience in web application development
  • Experience in one of the following programming languages (Golang/Rust/Python). Understanding of blockchain (IPFS/Filecoin) is a plus, or
  • Experience with GPU programming (e.g.CUDA/OpenCL) or FPGA programming.
  • Understanding of crypto algorithms (sha512, zk-snark) is a plus. or
  • Some project experience in deep learning with Python and TensorFlow/PyTorch
  • Familiar in one of the following areas: Computer Vision/Natural Language Processing/Data Mining is more preferable.
  • Hands-on experience in Web Application Development (flutter,react) is a plus. Experience in database design and SQL development; familiar with NoSQL database.

        We are looking for energetic and passionate students to join us for the Jasmine and de-fi projects. Qualified applicants will be compensated based on corresponding skill level. If you have the above experience and/or interested in developing further knowledge and experience in this field, please send email to Professor Kani Chen makchen@ust.hk . We would appreciate you send your CV with particular emphasis on relevant skills/experiences.

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